IdeeGreen runs with Run for Parkinson's

IdeeGreen runs with Run for Parkinson's

IdeasGreen Sara 2017 main sponsor of Run for Parkinson's supporting the fundraising to be held in at least 20 Italian cities on the occasion of a series of free-paced races in which everyone is invited to participate.

In the opening photo of this article: myself, Matteo Di Felice, Managing Director of Our website, with Claudia Milani, President of the Italian Association of Young Parkinsonians, and coordinator of all Run for Parkinson's which will be held this year, with two of the bibs that the participants will wear. The number 10000 will be the one I will wear at the Milan event! :-)

The Italian locations who have already confirmed the organization of one or more eventsRun for Parkinson's I'm at the moment 20 but soon they may come to 25!

Here are the places where you can participate too, from 26 March to 21 May, helping us in raising funds for the fight against Parkinson's disease that in Italy it affects 300,000 people of which 25,000 under 30 and 75,000 under 50:

Legnano (province of Milan), Sunday 26 March 2017

There will be two events: a 10 km free-pace race, starting at 9 am (donation for registration 10 Euro) and a walk of 900 meters, starting at 10.30 (donation for registration 5 Euro). Departure and arrival in Via Girardi, 19 in Legnano.
Find more information on the routes on the official website of Parkinson Insubria Association: where you can also download the registration form in .pdf to print, fill in your details and bring the day of the event.
If you prefer, you can also contact the association via email at the address: [email protected] or call Enzo Tesoro, one of the organizers at 340.6562183.

Roccasecca (province of Frosinone), Saturday 1 April 2017

There will be a free-pace walk - run of 1400 meters, with registration on the spot, at the Roccasecca Castle, in Corso San Tommaso. The departure will be at 3 pm.

The event will be organized in collaboration with the association "PARKIN-ZONE" onlus. For more information, please contact Tommaso Rinaldi of Parkinson Action Ciociaria onlus to the email address [email protected] or to the telephone numbers 0776 566647 and 339 7940262.

Bologna, Sunday 2 April 2017

There will be 3 events: the 10 km maxi run, the 3 km family run and a 700 meter walk.
Departure from via Amilcare Ponchielli, 21. For more information please contact Edoardo Leotta, di Parkinsonian ONLUS initiative by email [email protected] or by phone, at 328 - 4935076

Padua, Thursday 6 April 2017

You can participate within the event Run for Padua, organized by the sports department of Municipality of Padua, with predefined routes along the streets, squares, parks and city embankments, with the guidance of athletes, including national athletes, who act as “pacemakers” for the participants. The "pacemakers" have different paces, so that each runner / walker can find his right rhythm and gradually improve. The distances vary from 6 to 10 km for running and from 3 to 5 km for walking.
For more information you can contact Luciano Arcuri, of the Onlus Group of volunteers united and solidarity to live with Parkinson's, via email: [email protected] or at the telephone number: 338 7324073

Milan, Saturday 8 April 2017

The Run for Parkinson's will be held concurrently with and on the same parkrun course, a timed 5 km race to be covered at a free pace.
Meeting at 8 am in Viale Suzzani 283 (MM5 Bignami Parco Nord) and departure at 9 am.
It will be the event in which I will run too so I'd love to meet some of you! :-)
You can register on the website of the Italian Parkinsonian Youth Association by following this link, making a donation of at least 10 Euros directly online, paying with Paypal or credit card, so as to avoid the queue on the day of the event where you will only have to collect the bib. If you prefer or are not yet sure if you can participate, you can still pre-register online without any commitment to participate, leaving your name and surname and your email address. In this way, you can make the donation and collect the bib on the day of the event.
Awards will be given:
- to the largest registered group
- to the youngest member
- at the least young
- to the fastest subscriber
- at least fast
Important: if you also want to have your timed time, you must also register for free on the official parkrun Italy website: Upon successful registration you will be sent a link to your personal page where you will find a barcode to be printed and brought on the day of the event. If you forget the barcode you can still run but you will NOT be able to have your time.
The inscription, another initiative sponsored by our website, will let you in international parkrun community, with over 3 million members!
parkrun proposes 5 km free timed races every Saturday of the year in the parks of over 1,000 cities around the world!
In Italy it runs every Saturday, always with a meeting at 8.45 and departure at 9 in the morning, al North Park of Milan (where I also run every week and where the Run for Parkinson's 2017 in Milan will be held), at Marecchia Park in Rimini, to the Parco Uditore in Palermo and al Parco della Favorita, also in Palermo.

Trieste, Saturday 8 April 2017

At the Pineta di Barcola, on the Lungomare Benedetto Croce, there will be a non-competitive walk of a few kilometers, starting at 10 am, organized by Pegaso Apt - Parkinsonian Association of Trieste. For more information and registration, you can write to Anna Maria Marchio at the email address: [email protected] or contact her at: 333 - 7326863.

Prato, Sunday 9 April 2017

"Noi e il Parkinson" ONLUS Prato for this event (which will be held between 7.30 and 11) it relies on the Association of volunteers "Croce d’Oro" of Prato which organizes every year a non-competitive foot race entitled "Un po’ in poggio "with routes of 6-11-17-23-31 km from Piazza Mercatale to the hills and back. Last year more than 2200 runners took part, of which 27 from the Parkinsonian group: this allowed the Association to beat the record of km traveled.
For more information and registration you can write to Dr. Moreno Masi di We and the Parkinson Onlus, to the email address: [email protected] or contact him at: 328 - 2154061.

Ternate (province of Varese), Sunday 9 April 2017

Will be held 3 events with routes of 12.5 km, 3 km and 500 meters, organized by As.P.I. Cassano Magnago ONLUS in collaboration with "CARDATLETICA ASD".
Meeting at the Berrini Park in Ternate at 8 am. For more information and registration you can write to Lidia Sbalchiero email: [email protected] telephone: 345 - 4814714

Perugia, Sunday 9 April 2017

The event will take place in the green areas of Pian di Massiano and will involve the Onlus Unione Parkinsoniani Perugia, FIDAL, CONI and CSI Provincial Committee, and will also be sponsored by ASL1 Umbria, Umbria Region and Province

The program which includes:
12 COMPETITIVE categories (between Male and Female)
Route of 8 - 10 km - start at 9.00
Online registration at a cost of 6 euros
Registration on site at a cost of 10 euros
Route 8 - 10 km - starts at 9.00
Registration on site at a cost of 6 euros
Free walk from 9.30 to 12.00
Registration on site: Adults 2 euros; children, adults over 70 and 4-legged friends FREE
Nordic walking
Route of about 5 km
Pre - registration 6 euros
Registration on site 10 euros
Mountain bike ride
Route of 15-20 km
Pre - registration 6 euros
Registration on site 10 euros

For more information, please contact Lucia de Stuers fromParkinsonian Union of Perugia to the email address [email protected] or by telephone at: 320 - 3289539

Crema (province of Cremona), Monday 17 April 2017

The single start of the march will take place at 9 am from Piazza Duomo with the possibility to choose between two routes, one of 5 km and the other of 10 km.
It is a recreational motor event to be walked at a free pace, with the only limit of the maximum time that will be indicated in the flyer. Participation is open to all those who wish to spend a solidarity morning in company (individuals, groups and families).

For more information, please contact Mariangela Savoia and Jessica Severgnini fromassociation Cremasca Parkinson La Tartaruga to the email address: [email protected] or by telephone by calling 388 - 8880812.

Carugate (province of Milan), Sunday 23 April 2017

Non-competitive foot race and walking that will take place at the Ginestrino Sports Center in Carugate, in via Fidelina 26.

For more information, you can contact Pietro Sangalli of the Parkinsonian Support Group of Carugate, at the email address: [email protected] or by phone by calling 393 - 4861960.

Adria (province of Rovigo), Sunday 23 April 2017

Non-competitive walking race on a city route to be done three times (if you feel like it) for a total of about 10 km.

Meeting in Piazza Cavour at 9.30. Event organized by: Hatria Giallorossa, Parkinson Rovigo & Friends Association, Adria Runners Group, Adria Volunteer Consultancy, Rovigo Volunteer Consultancy

For more information, please contact Gianfelice Finotto at the email address: [email protected] or by phone at 345 - 8916020.

Bari, Sunday 7 May 2017

Non-competitive walking race that will be held starting at the Park 2 June and meeting at 9 am. official Facebook page

For more information, you can still contact Antonella Spigonardo at the email address: [email protected] or by phone at 328 - 0928622.

Voghera, Sunday 7 May 2017

10 km FIDAL race (even non-competitive) + walking and family run open to all which will be held starting from the former Cavalry Barracks, in Via Gramsci, 1 starting at 9 am.

For more information, you can still contact Massimo Sciarretta of the Pavese Parkinson Association at the email address: [email protected] or by phone at 338 - 2455280.

Turin, Sunday 7 May 2017

Event organized by the Italian Parkinsonian Association of Turin at the Nebiolo Stadium, in viale Hugues 10 (at the confluence of Trapani with Rosselli). Here is the program:

- 9.00: registration and bib delivery
- 9.30 am: presentation speech and Testimonials
- 9.45 am: start of the race
- 11.45 am: end of the race and awards ceremony

Availability of changing rooms and showers and no architectural barriers. To reach the Nebiolo Stadium, you can use the following public transport: 2 - 56 - 62 - 64 - 66 - 71.

Following PICNIC… with what the participants will bring from home.

Registrations can be made through the AIP Secretariat tel. 011 - 3119392 or toll free number 800-884422 or by downloading the form on the website and sending it by e-mail to [email protected], or presenting it at the Association stand on the day of the race.

Cassino (province of Frosinone), Sunday 21 May 2017

Non-competitive walking race with registration in Piazza S.Antonio at 11 am and departure in Corso della Repubblica at 11.30 am. The route continues by turning into Viale Dante until the roundabout in Largo Dante, then turning into Via D'Annunzio arriving in Piazza S.Antonio.

For more information, please contact Tommaso Rinaldi at the email address: [email protected] or by phone at 0776 566647 and 339 - 7940262

Run for Parkinson's: official video

Run for Parkinson's: unstoppable growth

Run for Parkinson's was born in Spain in 2010 and the following year it also arrives in Italy, thanks to A.I.G.P. onlus, giving life to two major events that were held in Milan and Venice.
Since then, the numbers of the event have been growing: Run for Parkinson's is an unstoppable event, which every year involves more and more participants, testifying to the fact that Parkinson's does not stop but also that people are not willing to stop their march towards challenges. always new.

With the diagnosis, the life of the Parkinson's patient and that of his family turns into a marathon full of obstacles. From this metaphor, the idea of ​​running for the benefit of Parkinsonians and their families was born, in which people suffering from this disease also run: "It's amazing how the mind manages to make you overcome your physical limits." says Claudia Milani, President of Italy Run for Parkinson's: "This is the real strength of our running event. Everyone runs or walks, according to his possibilities and discovers that if he does it together with others he can overcome his limits. In the end you think: look what I managed to do. In spite of everything."

According to data recently released by theEuropean Parkinson's Disease Association (EPDA) the age of onset of the disease is gradually decreasing, so much so that today there are at least 10% of Parkinsonians under the age of 40. Although there have been significant developments in the diagnostic, therapeutic and scientific fields and today it is possible to control Parkinson's, a definitive cure is still not known that can defeat its progression or appearance. For this reason it is necessary to fund research and help patients improve their quality of life.

There are 5,000,000 people with Parkinson's worldwide. Five million good reasons to run together! Now it's your turn, choose one of the cities near your home and sign up for Run for Parkinson's. Obviously donations from those who cannot participate in the races but still want to support research are also welcome.

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