Exercises for slim waist

Exercises for slim waist

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Exercises for slim waist, exercises on which everyone, or almost everyone, is informed as summer is coming and then forgets even the ABC of staying in shape once the season of short sleeves and the beach has passed. Instead, let's see simple thin waist exercises, which can be done continuously, 12 months out of 12, without being obsessed but staying with a fit physique. Summer or winter, healthy as well as aesthetically pleasing.

The hips, beyond the fixations that single people may have, are actually one of themareas of the body more prone to the accumulation of fat, for this it takes very little to end up with a less thin waist than it should be. Not so much to follow physical canons but the recommendations of many doctors who report as a exaggerated waistline carries significant health risks. The exercises for slim waist are therefore to be marked and to be performed beyond wanting to make a great impression at the sea or elsewhere.

Before seeing the movements specifically envisaged, it should be noted that the exercises for slim waist they are absolutely useless if you don't adopt a healthy lifestyle at the same time, if you don't already have it. In practice this translates to a balanced diet and a habit of regular and constant movement that complement the work done with specific exercises for the hips.

From person to person the results they can vary, so let's not be discouraged if we start doing exercises for a slim waist with another person and their hips will thin faster!

Exercises for waist and belly

Between exercises for slim waist we find the classic abs, also perfect for those who want a flat stomach. There are various ways to strengthen the abdominals, which are equally effective if we exercise consistently and permanently.

If we want to do our exercises at home, we make it a gym mat or mat and let's lie on our stomach, resting our back on the ground and keeping our knees bent. With the hands behind the head, we lift the shoulders and the chest from the ground doing oblique movements so as to touch the left knee with the right elbow and vice versa. Three sets of 15 crunches to start are fine.

To act on the waist and belly, you can also lie on your stomach on the floor with your back slightly raised and extend the legs by lifting them off the ground to create an angle of 45 °. Then the position must be maintained for half a minute, at least, helping to stay in balance by extending the arms. For those who are practicing fitness, among the exercises for thin waistlines, there is also the side plank, also recommended for abdominals.

Exercises for waist and hips

In order not to discourage anyone, it is important that exercises for slim waist are simple and don't require too much time or odd equipment. Among the most feasible is the one that requires getting ready straight, with the legs separated and stretched, and then to twist life, bending the torso and trying to touch the toe of the right foot with the left hand.

Back to starting position, you have to repeat towards the opposite side and then continue alternating one and the other making a series of 20.

There are also lower back exercises that are used to improve the waistline and strengthen the back. For example, let's try lying on your stomach, keeping your arms and legs straight, and we maintain the position by raising the torso, arms and legs at the same time, doing 3 sets of 12.

Exercises for man waistline

Among the many exercises for slim waist there are some that are more often recommended to men because they also work on endurance and require one very developed abdominal musculature. In fact, anyone can do them and there are certainly women who do them better than many out-of-shape men.

That said, let's see another exercise for the waistline: lying on a mat on your stomach, resting on your forearms, we point our feet and raise our body slightly from the floor. Keeping the body straight, without bending or knees or back, we keep the position for at least half a minute, we repeat at least 5 or 6 times.

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