Fasting mimicking diet: what to eat

Fasting mimicking diet: what to eat

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Fasting mimicking diet, a hoax or a new strategy to stay fit and healthy? This method would allow you to feed while maintaining the same effects as fasting on water only. Let's see what it is and the perplexities it arouses, to each of us, then, to form one's own opinion about it, always consulting a doctor before starting such "extreme" diet treatments. When it comes to the fasting mimicking diet, it is related to the name of Valter Longo, director of the department of gerontology at the University of California. In truth, even in ancient times this custom was circulating even if it was not called in such an attractive way by the media. In any case it remains a nutritional regime to be respected only for a few days a year, according to some, it can give some benefits in terms of life expectancy, also improving general conditions.

It immediately perplexed many, even authoritative, characters, for various reasons. There is a suspicion on the part of some that the fasting mimicking diet hides a commercial speculation since it involves the use of "pre-packaged meals" kits, in general there are many doubts about the real applicability of a regime like this which it can have side effects such as hunger, stomach cramps, weakness, asthenia, irritability, dehydration and general malaise also throughout the therapeutic period.

If the promise is that of a noticeable weight loss, the suspicion is that it may possibly be related at least partially to dehydration and the emptying of muscle and liver glycogen stores. Not very healthy.

Fasting mimicking diet: what to eat

What to eat when fasting is not mimicked, it should be noted, is what we will talk about. So during the periods of ordinary regime, the menu must be based on plant-based foods, mainly carbohydrates and few unsaturated fats, avoiding as much as possible animal proteins such as those of meat and cheeses. Those of fish are less unwelcome but better not to overdo it with these too.

Beyond what you can eat when you are not fasting, the diet mimics fasting it is not for everyone, in some cases it can be dangerous. According to its supporters, however, this eating behavior would help to "reset the body", canceling the negative effects of growth hormone present in excess. If the periods of fasting are limited, they would strengthen rather than cause suffering.

Diet mimics fasting and diabetes

Among the various beneficial effects that the fasting mimicking diet could give, there would also be the decrease in risk factors for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus. These claims are based on the results of a clinical study carried out on less than 20 people which also showed a slowing of aging and a lower propensity for cancer.

If we go and look at the effects observed in mice, we also find an 11% increase in life in health conditions, a halving of inflammation factors, improved cognitive functions and a general rejuvenation of cells. Benefits promised for all immune, muscular, hepatic and nervous systems. These claims have yet to be verified and which are not today based on scientifically recognized evidence.

Fasting mimicking diet: how long it lasts

As mentioned right away, whether you trust the fasting mimicking diet, it is clear that it should not last more than 5 days and in the period concerned the energy intake progressively decreases starting from the first day, going towards the fifth and last.

Fasting mimicking diet: Umberto Veronesi

He also often talked about fasting Umberto Veronesi but what he explained is very different from that prescribed by the fasting mimicking diet. In fact, he claimed that one could be followed anti-aging diet based on partial fasting and caloric restriction, to deepen his theories I recommend the book he published "The fasting diet”.

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