Easter crafts for children

Easter crafts for children

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Easter crafts for children. Instructions for preparing simple DIY Easter crafts, to do with the children.

Easter about to arrive! What better occasion to create nice and very cheap jobs with children using simple recycled material?

THE DIY Easter crafts, they can be a nice way to educate children about creativity and raise awareness above all of respect for the environment. In this guide we will see the precious advice of theDr. Adelaide Donzello (pedagogist expert) to realizechores educational for childrenEaster themed.

All the chores for children they can be fun but, with the right interpretation, some chores of do-it-yourself they not only entertain children in a pleasant way, but educate them. This should be the aim of all chores for the children, even those of Easter.

Man often ends up polluting the environment in which he lives, putting at risk not only his life but that of the people he cares about most, his children. It is therefore important to realize that the environment is fundamental for man and that it demands respect!

Educating to respect the environment is very important for the education and growth of every child.

The themes of waste and the continuous production of waste can be explained to children in a simple way, for example, through creative activities.

Here is a chore very easy to be made by children under your careful guidance. We will see how to make some cute bunnies to use as an Easter decoration. TheseEaster crafts for childrenthey are very economical because they only use recycled materials such as common exhausted rolls of toilet paper.

Easter crafts for kids:how to make the bunny bears chocolate eggs

Try to use only recycled materials to educate children about recycling. Here's what you need:

  • toilet paper roll
  • recovery cardboard (for ears, legs, tail);
  • newspaper;
  • vinyl glue;
  • markers;
  • white tempera color;
  • scissors;
  • wadding (optional);
  • a lot of creativity.

If you want bigger Easter bunnies, you can replace the toilet paper roll holder with tetra packs of milk and fruit juices, which you will have to cut in half.

In the photo above, the bodies of two Easter bunnies made from tetrapak packaging are shown.

How to make the bunny bears chocolate eggs

1) From the recycled cardboard, draw and cut out the rabbit's head, ears, tail and legs.

2) With the vinyl glue, glue the rabbit's head, legs, tail, to the roll.

3) Next, glue small pieces of newsprint on the rabbit's body, particularly at the base (to support the eggs).

4) If you create the effect of fur, just glue the paper irregularly, so as to form small reliefs and ripples.

5) Once dry, paint everything with a white tempera color.
With a felt-tip pen, draw the nose, eyes and whiskers (to make a soft bunny, you can glue some cotton wool all over the bunny's body).

Here the Easter bunny is ready to be filled with chocolate eggs; it can also be used as a placeholder at the table.

This simple chore, reported by the doctor Adelaide Donzello,is ideal because:

  • stimulates children's creativity;
  • if it is done in class it favors the ability to organize and work in a group;
  • raises awareness of respect for the environment;
  • involves families in the search for creative recycling.

Easter crafts for kids:how to make an egg paper kite

It is important to explain recycling to children and everything becomes much easier if practical examples can be reported.

AnotherEaster chore for childrenit is made with wooden sticks and the plasticized paper of the Easter eggs. For all the instructions on this DIY, we refer to the guide:how to build a kite. In the guide, the instructions refer to the paper recovered from Easter eggs.

Good work and above all HAPPY EASTER in the name of creativity and eco-sustainability!

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