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Barking dog

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Barking dog, many say that it "does not bite" but it is all to be seen. What is certain is that he does not bark at random: when a dog opens his mouth he wants to communicate something important and it is up to us to grasp his message, ignore it, make him understand whether or not it is appropriate to make a lot of noise to make himself understood. To educate an animal to bark within reasonable limits and not too insistently or on whim, a lot of patience, perseverance and commitment are needed but excellent results are obtained. Let us not be discouraged from the first attempts that could be tragic.

Dog that barks too much

What does too much mean? It is a subjective judgment, therefore difficult to define here when the noise is too much. The barking dog can, however, annoy both the neighbors and the owners themselves, or cause concern. "Will he be sick?", "Did a thief come into the house?", "Did he see anything suspicious?".

Sometimes a dog that he barks too much he's just excited, or bored, others simply get carried away and forget to stop not being aware of the decibels they can reach with their own communication.

It is important when you have an animal that he has no measure in barking, have control over him. Better to think about it as soon as we welcome it, teach it basic commands like "Sit down, lie down, come on, stay" so that it already knows who decides. Another strategy to prevent a dog from overdoing it is to distract him, so that his attention shifts and almost without realizing it, magically falls silent.

Dog barking at night

If you can during the day being tolerant of a dog that barks repetitively or loudly, at night the patience is less and the noise annoys a lot. Even the hosts themselves! How to prevent your dog from keeping half a neighborhood awake with his want to communicate?

The first simple trick is the tire him out as much as possible during the day so that, when darkness falls, he wants to rest and does not feel all those energies on him to bark and howl. Sometimes a dog that barks at night is bored or stressed, to avoid it, let's devote time to him during the day playing with him and pampering him a bit.

Dog barking in condominium

If we live in a condominium in close contact with other people, families, couples or roommates, singles, and our dog makes more noise than bearable, it is good to intervene to avoid being hated by all the residents, from the ground floor to the attic. Before even adopting a dog, if we know we have to host him in an apartment building, we look after the breed because there are some more likely to bark loudly and frequently, compared to others.

THE Beagle, for example, they are smart dogs but rather noisy, many hunting dogs when they start wanting to be heard, they can really be unbearable for a neighbor who wants to rest and enjoy a little silence at home.

A dog, however, even if of a silent nature, will not stop barking for a while, and it should be so. Let's smile at the neighbors and show ourselves polite and respectful of common spaces. If we are polite owners where possible to intervene, certainly the neighbors will be more understanding when our dog barks a little, understanding that we cannot absolutely forbid it.

Dog barking when I go out

A classic is the dog barking when leaving the house. He doesn't want to be alone, he wants to come with us but it's not always possible. For take away this "vice" it is necessary not to reinforce his wrong behavior of claiming to follow us always and everywhere. In practice, if the barking dog does it regularly if he sees us go out and we always wait for him to stop to leave him, a vicious circle is created that is not easy to break. And he commands!

Dog barking: complaints

To date, the law does not set a measure of decibels or even the times regarding a barking dog, the civil code prohibits noises that exceed "normal tolerability", a very vague concept that does not help a "poor" dog owner who barks unpredictably.

It is good to know that a particularly angry neighbor can also seek compensation with a civil action for any damage, including non-pecuniary damage (biological damage, moral etc.). In the most extreme cases there is the risk of criminal implications, when the big bark creates disturbance to an indefinite number of people, for example to an entire neighborhood.

Dog barking: remedies

As already mentioned, an excellent strategy to stop the dog having too much is that of distract him when he does it for no apparent reason. Distract him with a game or associate a command with the distraction, for example a whistle, a clap of the hands, a voice command not too shouted. When he stops, let's not forget to reward him with a morsel and lots of caresses. We can also read it, to convince it to be less noisy, the great book by Daniel Pennac which is called "Barking tired", also available on Amazon in economic edition.

Dog barking: Bach flowers

Who believes in the power of Bach flowers you can also try to calm the dog with this natural remedy, for more information there is our article "Bach flowers: list”.

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