Lisianthus: flower and meaning

Lisianthus: flower and meaning

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Lisianthus, resistant, simple and elegant, it is a flower that makes us look great at home both in the family and with guests who are used to refined and high-level environments. It is used and appreciated above all for its beauty and the effect it makes when placed in a room. As they say: it is a flower that furnishes.

Lisianthus: flower

It belongs to the Gentianaceae family, is composed of very long and thin stems that can reach 50 cm in length, accompanied by leaves from the long-limbed shape and of a particular color, green tending to blue. The actual flower naturally occurs on top of the stem, first it is a bud which then, when blooming, turns into a sweet and beautiful soft "bellflower".

Lisianthus: meaning

Exploring the meanings that flowers have is certainly fascinating but in some cases it is more fascinating than ever. Lisianthus is one of them. Its alternative name, Eustoma, from the Greek eu (beautiful and / or good) and stoma (mouth, opening), suggests the idea of ​​sentimental opening, obviously towards the recipient of the lisianthus deck. Less literally, this flower is associated with the concepts of grace and elegance.

It is a young plant, discovered in the nineteenth century in the USA and arrived in Scotland, in the Glasgow Garden, in the 19th century. Only around 1990 did it begin to be used in France where it is very popular and loved today.

White Lisianthus

It never ceases to be an example of grace and elegance, regardless of the color with which it blooms, but if white the Lisianthus it is clearly more refined as well as comfortable to combine with the most diverse environments. White rather than other colors like purple, pink, lilac, purple or yellow, it is perfect for official ceremonies but lately we often see mixes with the presence of hybrid species.

Lisianthus yellow

In yellow version, this flower as well as others, symbolizes jealousy. It remains an appreciated gift but can also sound like a warning. I love you but I'm jealous. Although beautiful, the yellow one is a flower to give with caution.

Lilac lisianthus

There are both pink and lilac, lilac are more delicate and elegant, but they are always rarer and therefore more appreciated. This color in the language of flowers is associated with a message of sincere love. If instead of lilac, we choose pink, it is a newborn love.

Lisianthus blue

It is called blue, but it is mostly purple, as it is a very dark and deep blue. Whatever it is called, this tint has a meaning of penance. So if we give away a blue or purple lisianthus, we are asking for get someone to forgive us for lack of tact.

Lisianthus: cultivation

To cultivate it in the garden or outside, the seeds must be planted from November to February but the temperature must be on average 15 degrees. It is a plant that needs humidity and heat. Below 5 degrees this beautiful flower cannot survive.

If we keep it indoors, place it in cool and ventilated places but not exposed to bad weather. Outdoor or Indoor, it must be protected from ladybugs and mites: his main enemies.

Lisianthus: price

Though in France it is more appreciated than in Italy, in our country it is certainly not impossible to find this beautiful flower. On line, if we don't want to go to too many shops, we find Lisianthus seeds for planters, a bag of 20 grams for a few euros and high yield.

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