How to refill the coffee capsules

How to refill the coffee capsules

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How to refill the coffee capsules: here's how to give new life, indeed new coffee, to the coffee capsule so that it can also be reused indefinitely.

On the market we find different types of coffee machines: pod coffee machines, capsule machines, automatic machines. Each of these types has very specific characteristics and advantages.

Coffee machines, advantages

Without a doubt, coffee machines offer various advantages: they allow you to enjoy a coffee as good as that of the bar, to prepare it in a few seconds at any time of the day. Above all, to be "single portions" to the delight of those who are single or who are the only ones in the house who love coffee.

Capsule coffee machines, advantages

First of all, let's say right away that this is one of the best-selling models of coffee machines. This is also due to the numerous benefits that this type of machine entails. Unlike ground coffee machines, for example, with capsule machines there is no risk of letting the coffee come out of the arm, nor of putting too much powder (or too little) thus avoiding compromising the taste of the coffee itself.

The ability to prepare coffee simply by inserting a capsule into the machine also has a second advantage. In other words, not to get dirty: no more coffee scattered around the kitchen or office thanks to the capsule system!

The capsule coffee machine system therefore makes coffee preparation very simple and fast, and fits perfectly with the needs of those who have little time to stop and drink their cup, but are not willing to give up the pleasure of drink good coffee.

Another advantage consists in the possibility of preparing a coffee without waste and with the correct dosage, thanks to the single capsules that contain the right amount of coffee per cup.

How to recycle the capsules

In order not to produce an excess of unsorted garbage, the capsules can be disposed of and properly recycled. How?

The capsules have an aluminum container and an organic "content". The user can easily remove the top of the capsule, empty it of its contents (the laying of coffee) and dispose of the entire capsule by throwing the coffee in the organic and the wrapper in the aluminum.

Furthermore, the coffee can be put in compost to create an excellent fertilizer while the aluminum casing can be differentiated together with the cans and the various cans (cat food, meat ...).

With this action we can reduce the amount of waste produced and help our country in the recycling programs of aluminum and personnel. For more information, please refer to the article "Recycle coffee capsules"

Is it possible to refill the coffee capsules?

Well, the only disadvantage represented by the machines with capsules is the greater production of waste; as we said earlier, both the coffee and the capsule can be perfectly recycled but we always talk about waste. Why not top up them so as to avoid waste and money?

How to refill the coffee capsules

Coffee capsules are disposable products but by sharpening our creativity it is possible to give new life, indeed new coffee, to the capsule so that it can also be reused indefinitely.

Many do not know that the same coffee capsules that have already been reused can be perfectly refilled to create a new capsule. In this regard we will show you a technique to be able to reuse them to prepare coffee. It only takes a little patience but we assure you that it is a very simple procedure. Let's see how to proceed step by step:

  1. Cut the top film, basically, the one that is pierced by the machine mechanism
  2. Empty the coffee from the capsule with the help of a knife to remove any coffee residue already used
  3. At this point, wash the newly emptied capsules with running water
  4. Fill the capsule with new coffee using a teaspoon
  5. Once this is done, lightly press the contents, just like when preparing mocha
  6. Close the capsule with a disc of common silver kitchen paper, making sure it adheres well under the edges.

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