Pedigree dog: what it is

Pedigree dog: what it is

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Pedigree dog, certifies the breed but also guarantees from a health and legal point of view. It is a document that certifies that dogs belong to a pure breed. The Dog Pedigree is an "identity card" where we can find all your identification data, but not only. For those who have the patience to stay and read - and many do - one can also observe the genealogy in the form of a real vertical "tree" which dates back to the puppy's great-great-grandparents, ancestor by ancestor, and any health tests are also attached. The dog pedigree is necessary, it's not just a way to satisfy curiosity how could it be in our going to reconstruct the genealogical tree of our family.

Pedigree dog: what it is

It is a official document, therefore, and must be issued by theENCI which certifies and certifies the dog's registration in the herd books. We find indicated the ROI registration number (Italian Origins Register), the main personal data such as breed, name, sex, date of birth, hair color, tattoo or microchip, genealogy, the name of the breeder. Any new owners must also appear on the dog pedigree if there is a handover.

Pedigree adult dog: how to get it

When we buy or take a dog from a kennel, normally it is the breeder who gives us his pedigree because he has already registered it together with the other specimens of the same litter before we went to get him. Signed by the breeder himself, the dog pedigree is delivered to us and we will then have to go to an ENCI office to carry out the transfer in your name.

It is important to check that all the data and information required are present, including the notes at the top right official stamps for dysplasia and dna.

Pedigree foreign dog

It can happen, especially if you get hold of a specimen of an uncommon breed in Italy, that the dog pedigree comes from abroad. It is not a problem, it depends on which country, but we must not be discouraged. What happens in Lombardy, for example, is that registration in the canine registry of this "imported" dog can be done in a simple way.

It leads to its headquarters Competent veterinary ASL, the international dog passport with the first 5 sections filled in and, upon payment of a sum of less than 10 euros, for the practices, a form is filled out which is exactly the standard one, used for Italian dogs. In the other Regions there are quite similar procedures about which you can inquire at the competent offices but there are few additional steps to those already normally provided for to obtain the dog pedigree.

When a breeder has a litter, within 25 days of the birth of the children must send the Complaint of Monta to ENCI in which the parents are described and the data of the owners, as well as the date of mating and the number of puppies born.

Then the Litter Report must be sent within three months of the birth in which there are again the data of the two parents, those of the owner of the "mother" and all those of the puppies: names, descriptions, microchips, sex. If you already know the new owners, they too must appear in the dog pedigree.

Pedigree dog: cost

The two modules of which it is composed, module A and module B, have a cost of 15 euros respectively for the first and another 15 for the second, but in the case of module B one must be made for each puppy. To be taken into account there are also the costs for administrative fees, equal to 5 euros.

So for a puppy the maximum cost is 35 euros, from time to time it then depends on the number of puppies in the litter. Often the expenses of the dog pedigree are associated with those for the inoculation of the microchip, required by law. There is talk of a price to pay that varies from 2 to 15 euros, at some veterinarians even 30 euros.

Pedigree dog: database

Information on dog pedigrees is to be sought on the official ENCI website which is the main reference. If you want to browse a beautiful novel instead, I recommend that of the French writer Patrick Modiano, much more compelling than a database.

Dog without pedigree

What does it mean that a dog is without pedigree. Let's see what it means to have one. He is not alone, as anticipated, a document to make it suitable for participating in an exhibition, it is a certification that confirms that he is the son of pedigreed subjects.

This is a guarantee of the traceability of the subjects and the seriousness of the breeder, we can be sure that it pays taxes and complies with ENCI regulations, especially as regards the conditions of well-being and health of dogs. Consequently a pedigreed dog comes from a kennel that is careful to breed healthy dogs, free of manifest diseases and hereditary pathologies, not to reproduce females that are too young or too old and respect the heat of rest.

A guarantee which concerns health but also respect and passion.

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