How to recycle leftover wine

How to recycle leftover wine

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How to recycle leftover wine: instructions for reusing leftover old wine. Do-it-yourself remedies for preparing white wine vinegar.

Guests for dinner, lots of bottles of wine on the table but you just couldn't drink everything? Don't worry, everything is remedied and recycling is the watchword. Nothing could be more wrong than pouring wine down the sink drain: even the leftover wine it can bear fruit.

Recycle old wine

There are many methods we have available forrecycle leftover wine. Let's see some of them.

Make ice cubes with the leftover wine

That's right. Pour the wine into a common tray to make ice: in this way you will have a good supply for the preparation of risotto; braised meats and other recipes that involve the use of wine;

Rehydrate dried fruit with old wine

If you have exaggerated even with dried fruit, the wine left over at the last supper at home can be a good way to rehydrate it and thus reuse it in various desserts and decorations;

Irrigate the plants with wine

Invigorate the plants. Yes, wine is good for plants that seem to appreciate it particularly. A nice sprinkling of red wine will be able to restore vigor to the plants in the garden and ensure excellent flowering in spring. But be careful not to overdo it, they could get drunk!

Disinfect fruits and vegetables

In this case the wine, preferably red, acts exactly like sodium bicarbonate and can therefore be considered a real natural disinfectant. The alcohol present in wine is in fact able to dissolve impurities and fights the formation of pathogens, even quite dangerous, such as salmonella and Escherichia coli;

Treating bruises, natural remedies with wine

Try asking your grandmothers, sure they will know this ancient technique to treat bruises. In fact, it seems that putting a slice of bread soaked in wine on a bruise helps a lot thanks to the presence of flavonoids, natural antioxidants with a strong calming action;

Remove stain with white wine

In reality it sounds very strange, the most expert massai confirm: wine stains but also stains. Not everything, however, only the white one capable of exerting a real stain removal action on oil, grease and other stubborn stains;

Using old wine as a cosmetic

Do you know the skin tonic? Here the wine works more or less like this. It should be applied directly to the skin, with the help of a cotton disc, to obtain appreciable improvements in skin elasticity, greater brilliance and even a lightening of discoloration.

Old wine, what to do

If you have del old wine what to do? Rule number one is don't throw it away. Old wine can be safely recycled in the kitchen.

Keep it aside for the preparation of all those recipes that require the use of wine, for example for braised meats, to blend risottos, or even to brown onions, mushrooms and artichokes.

In addition, old wine can also be used to create particular recipes in the kitchen with alternative sauces in combination with vegetables such as aubergines and courgettes.

Old white wine

If the old wine is white even better: this can be used as a base for fried batters. It does not end here. Old wine is useful for beauty care as it is used for the creation of real face and neck masks. Old white wine is an excellent disinfectant and let's not forget that it can be used to make vinegar. How?

How to turn white wine into vinegar

Just take a 3/4 bottle and let nature act alone. After about 3 weeks the old wine will have become a good vinegar for your salads.

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