Copper gutters: maintenance and refurbishment

Copper gutters: maintenance and refurbishment

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Copper gutters of quality and beautiful appearance because when it rains, whether it is meteoropathic or not, it is important that our homes and buildings in general are not damaged. So that everything runs smoothly, first of all for the falling water to flow down correctly, it is necessary to installgutters choosing them with care. In fact, if badly managed, the outflow can cause serious damagesuch as infiltrations or molds, the deterioration of the walls, ceilings and floors and also thedamage to foundations.

Copper gutters: what it is

The copper gutters are formed by the drainage channel that follows the perimeter of the roof of a building to collect the water rained from the sky.

It is clear that it cannot be accidentalsize but large enough to collect rain and also leaning enough so that the fluid can reach the vertical pipes to the sewer drains. Alternatively there may also be somecollection tanks which are actually ideal for those who, in addition to recovering water, want to reuse it.

Strength and solidity are two essential characteristics for thecopper gutters which must, in fact, be able to withstand the water flow of the roof and also the weight of the snow if winter gives us its soft flakes. Among the materials used for the gutters, in addition to copper we also find sheet metal, steel and aluminum.

Copper gutters: maintenance

Leaves, twigs, objects and "particles" carried by birds and various animals that take these channels as closets: these are all things that can to clog our copper gutters, causing overflows. To prevent the flow of water from being interrupted, it is better to provide for the maintenance of its "escape routes". There are also very useful accessories on the market that limit the creation of these caps, for examplethe leaf guards and the gutter guards.

Copper gutters: refurbishment

When we are faced with the problem ofhaving to renovate the roof of a building, and therefore also of copper gutters, it is necessary to take the time to evaluate some elements that are important in order not to waste money and time on the works.

For this it is better to rely on professionals who canidentify with us the construction solution that best suits our needs, also taking into account that there are requests in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation and structural solidity.

When redoing a roof it is necessary to keep in mind the possible presence of asbestos to be removed, the life lines that have been mandatory to install since 2008 and the solar and photovoltaic panels, not mandatory but welcome on the roofs of our homes. TheCopper gutters are an important element because it is up to them to ensure that rainwater reaches public sewer networks. They must therefore, even on the occasion of a makeover, becorrectly sized and installed, as well as appear pleasing to the eye.

Copper gutters: correct sizing

From case to case, the copper gutters must take over dimensions studied with care and the casuistry is immense. For sizing, in fact, we usually refer to the proceedings of the VIII study day on sustainable urban drainage o we rely on professionals who have tools to design anddimension the gutters is the whole canal system.

Copper gutters: aesthetics

The importance ofappearance of copper gutters being visible to those who look at our house. Of course it is not the first thing you notice but it often happens to see unsuitable gutters that disturbthe balance of even very beautiful facades.

In addition to the copper gutters, there is also a whole series of accessories that can collaborate with the aesthetics of the building in its entirety. I meanfittings, leaf guards, parts or particular decorations, always in copper. It is important that the copper gutters dofit harmoniously into the architectural and urban context.

Copper gutters: professional installers

Exploring the various situations in whichthe copper gutters come into play, it is easy to realize that 100% do-it-yourself is not applicable except with a high risk of doing damage. A company likeCremona Gronde, given its thirty years of experience, it is the reality to turn to for any type of problem, whetherit's about a maintenance "chore", is a more demanding work to be built from scratch.

Cremona Gronde realizesworks of lattoneria edile, civil and industrial, dealing with the supply and installation of allthe components and the necessary material, for copper gutters, but not only. Being able to count on the collaboration of important companies in the sector, Cremona Gronde it can therefore reach really affordable prices but never at the expense of the quality and professionalism of its services.

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