Homemade meat cube

Homemade meat cube

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Homemade meat cube: recipe to prepare themeat nutin cream or in cubes to freeze. Perfect to enrich any course.

Food seasoning

Thenutit is one of the most popular "seasonings" but you know it's not the only one? You can also flavor your dishes with flavored condiments and ad hoc spice blends. For all information, I invite you to read the articlesalt with aromatic herbs.

Quiet, I'm not just talking about classic herbs and spices like pepper, cumin or mustard. I'm talking about food flavoringsto all intents and purposes, perhaps based on dried tomatoes, olives, dried zucchini and many other vegetables that can bring the scent and flavor of the garden to the table ... even out of season!

Meat nut, how it's done

Themeat nutthat we find on the market is not madeexactlywithnoble meats. If you pause to read the ingredients you will notice that inside, the traces of meat are minimal.

Taking the pack of a meat nut off the shelf, you will read that the first ingredient is salt or glutamate. That's right, even in the homemade meat cube you will need to add a lot of salt. But then will meat be at least the second ingredient? No. Typically the second ingredient isfat of animal originwhich can make up 6% of the product.

Then there are unspecified flavors (so they can be artificial flavors) and various extracts. Paradoxically, in some meat nutsthat we find on the market there are yeasts and sugars.

Only the shadow of beef: the label reads "beef extract" or "beef extract" in very low percentages (1 - 2%). In short, do we really want to enrich our dishes with these dubious blends ?! Of course not! This is why it is convenient prepare the homemade meat nut! For the preparation of the classic nut or vegetable nut, I invite you to read the page homemade nut. For now I leave you with our recipe ofDIY meat nut.

Homemade meat cube

Here are the ingredients to make the meat cube at home.

  • 150 g of lean beef
  • 150 g of carrots
  • 150 g of onions
  • 150 g of celery
  • 150 g of coarse salt
  • 150 g of water

Optionally, you can add marjoram and oregano, or rosemary or parsley. Here's how to continue with the recipeDIY meat nut.

  1. In a saucepan, place the diced meat. Sliced ​​onion and carrot, salt, celery and other spices to your taste (rosemary, marjoram or other). Add the water.
  2. Stir, add a lid and cook for 2 hours on low heat.
  3. Stir it from time to time.

Once the crop is complete, you can transfer all the ingredients to a mixer or food processor. Blend everything until you get a cream. Now, yoursseasoningit can be used in this form or in the classic cubes form as I will explain in the next paragraph dedicated to the meat cube in the freezer.

Meat nut in the freezer

The cream obtainedhomogenizingall the ingredients in the mixer, can be stored in the freezer and used, if necessary, in the classic cube shape. How to make meat cube in the freezer?

All you have to do is transfer the mixture into the ice cube mold and let it solidify in the freezer. If necessary, you can put the frozen cube directly into the pot or you can use it as a condiment for vegetables and other dishes during cooking.

Nut without salt

If you want to prepare one more versionsustainablefor those suffering from water retention or for those who want to avoid the risk of arterial hypertension, you can preparemeat nut or vegetable nut without salt. In this context, coarse salt and celery must be eliminated in favor of the addition of celery salt.

Celery salt is a valid alternative to the classicsodium chloride(cooking salt). You can also prepare it at home or buy it through the online purchase. For all information I invite you to read my guidehow to make celery salt at home.

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