Milk for cats: is it bad?

Milk for cats: is it bad?

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Milk for cats, it seems obvious to be able to and have to give it to them, but it is not so obvious that it will do them good. By assonance, if it is good for human infants, is it likely to be good for the puppies of other living beings as well? You don't think like that, better to inquire, in fact the milk to the cats can hurt.

Milk for cats: is it bad?

It is not deadly poisonous, milk, for cats, but it certainly doesn't do them much good and it is better to avoid giving them a bout of diarrhea just because we are distracted or misinformed!

Giving cats milk almost automatically means having to provide for them cures for ailments that we ourselves have caused. In addition to the expense and time, there are also often the "damages" that a cat with diarrhea at home can cause.

Milk for small cats

It is above all ai small cats that it is natural to give milk, to induce us to do so are also the various images that show sweet kittens with the pink tongue immersed in this fluid that instead it's not a cure-all for their young body.

I can think of cartoons and comics that depict this milk to cats. Sure, newborn cats need the breast milk but already within 3 to 4 weeks they begin to taste solid food until it feeds on only that within a couple of months.

When we find ourselves looking after gods orphaned newborn kittens, it is necessary to provide milk but that it does not occur to us to give milk to cats from cow, cow, because when they are very small the diarrhea it causes can also be fatal.

In the pet shops as well as online you can easily find powdered milk for kittens, on Amazon for example a box of 200 grams costs 18.50 euros, also suitable for pregnant or lactating mothers or for sick or convalescent adult cats. With an orphaned kitten, we use this milk, so, but first let's check that he's not already of age from “normal” solid food.

Milk for big cats

If as a newborn the doubt is almost legitimate, when grown up, milk should not be given to cats and there mustn't even be temptation! Veterinarians give clear indications on this: after weaning milk is useless, it damages, it causes diarrhea. Individual episodes are not serious ma if the diarrhea is continuous, then it can cause chronic inflammation of the intestine which does not go away simply by eliminating milk from the diet and must be treated in a more "heavy" way.

Milk for older cats

Only in case of illness and under the advice of the veterinarian, we can give the elderly cat some milk, never cow's milk but if anything in powder, as if it were a kitten of a few days. Before proceeding, however, it is always better to ask firmly so that what may seem like a remedy to us does not end up going to worsen a precarious health.

As with all adult cats, even for older ones, it holds true that their gut isn't programmed for digest milk in general, not even the powdered one for kittens. It can cause indigestion and malabsorption, resulting in diarrhea.

Cold milk for cats

Milk in powder for kittens, if “served” cold, like from the fridge, it is very bad. It's a substitute for the maternal one so it must be at a temperature similar to that with which they would suck it from their mother cat.

Other things to avoid: give the cat highly digestible cow's milk, counting on this label. A few licks don't kill them but in the long run any type of cow's milk hurts them.

Milk with water for cats

This is a "legend", a myth to dispel. I mean the one that "milk is not given to cats, but with a little water, you can". It is a question of missing enzymes, of inappropriate food, whether diluted or not, remains difficult for these felines to digest.

It should also be added that milk does not worm the cat and that milk diarrhea is caused not by worms from malabsorption by the intestine.

For both cats and dogs, there is a rumor that milk is a good remedy in case of poisoning but it is a rumor, a rumor that turns out to be true only if it ispoisoning is from lead.

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