Inositol: what it is for and side effects

Inositol: what it is for and side effects

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Inositol, a substance which, although essential for our body, is by no means very well known. It is unusual, by assonance, to know inositol, and to think that we are also able to produce it ourselves in a quantity that adds up to the dose we ingest by feeding on certain foods.

To date inositol it is considered a vitamin-like nutrient, because there are still no certainties regarding the essentiality ofexogenous intake which instead from the food point of view is insured. There are also those who otherwise indicate inositol with the abbreviation for vitamin B7.

Inositol: what it is for

Vitamin or similar vitamin, let's see for what reasons this substance is useful. When it is produced, it enters the cells and is transformed, most of it, at least, into phosphatidylinositol. Then? Then it is then active in plasma membranes, where it plays the role of precursor of second messengers and participates in the transmission of signals that they control cellular activity.

Another role of inositol is to stimulate the lecithin production, also called phosphatidylcholine. There are those who prefer to say that this substance has the ability to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood but this is not exactly the case, this seems more like a slogan that does not describe exactly what happens.

The lecithin that inositol helps to produce is then able to cleanses the walls of the arteries of lipid deposits which are transported to the liver, an organ that in turn is responsible for eliminating them, at least in part, through the bile. Always in the liver, inositol prevents too many lipids from accumulating inside, thus avoiding that you gain weight.

Inositol: supplement

We find inositol in various isomeric forms, my inositol is the best known because it has a more relevant biological role. Besides, they can be found large quantities in animal and plant tissues, in the former we find it in phospholipids, in the latter in the form of phytate which is an antinutrient capable of binding calcium and iron, forming insoluble complexes that are difficult to absorb.

We, we find theinositol also in supplements that can also be purchased on Amazon like this one, for 15 euros, in capsules also suitable for those who follow a vegetarian diet.

Inositol triphosphate

Even if it has one molecular formula exactly identical to that of glucose, inositol has a different structure and is synthesized starting from glucose 6-phosphate. What remains is broken down and eliminated by the kidneys.

Vitamin or similar vitamin, inositol it has in common with the B vitamins, the fact that it is water-soluble so when supplementation is performed, there are no toxicity problems.

Inositol: side effects

It is not easy to avoid side effects of inositol because the optimal dose has not yet been fixed, to orient ourselves we can take into account that it is usually recommended to take from 1 to 12 or more grams per day. If these quantities are exceeded, there is a risk that this substance has a laxative effect.

It is not always considered the best solution, however, on the contrary, it seems that there are more suitable alternatives. Of course I leave it to the doctors to evaluate which one is more appropriate from time to time, limiting myself to mentioning a few. For example soy lecithin or fermented red rice, used to lower cholesterol, or the milk thistle to protect the liver, St. John's wort for the treatment of depressive states and anxiety.

Therefore, before buying inositol-based supplements, after reading the effects, it is better to consult a beggar to understand if and when we really need them.

Inositol in pregnancy

In pregnancy there are some cases in which inositol can come in handy. For example, if polycystic ovary syndrome is present. It is among the substances that can help out with fertility problems, improves the quality of oocytes and embryos in assisted fertilization treatments. For women over 40, it might even be successful enhance the functionality of the ovaries.

Inositol: foods

Neither we produce a certain quantity, but we also get it by eating certain foods. Between sources of inositol for example, we find bran, whole grains, wheat germ, brewer's yeast, citrus fruits, meats in general but especially the liver.

Inositol and anxiety

A property that I have not mentioned and that instead this substance can boast, it concerns the management of anxiety. Inositol can indeed lend a hand to our brain when he is in the grip of anxiety. This is true even if, instead of anxiety, there is depression or psychic stress.

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