Phrases about lakes

Phrases about lakes

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Phrases about lakes, to mention or think about, to declaim when we are on their shore or when we would like to be but we are on the contrary in much less natural and pleasant environments. Often seconds to the sea, the lakes have actually inspired many poets and writers, as well as painters and photographers at will.

Phrases about famous lakes

Often phrases about famous lakes see the lake as a metaphor. Indeed:
Make your heart like a lake. With a calm and silent surface. And a depth full of kindness (Lao Tzu)
Lakes are the puddles left after the flood. (Ramón Gómez de la Serna)
The secret to happiness is owning a convertible and a lake. (Peanuts)

Phrases about Lake Garda

Much loved by Germans and by the many foreign tourists who flock to its shores, most from Northern and Eastern Europe, Lake Garda is also appreciated by Italians and by the same Venetians and Lombards. But among the phrases about lakes dedicated to this fluid surface, the most famous one is not from an Italian.

How I would like to have my friends by my side to enjoy together the panorama that appears before me! I could have been in Verona as of this evening but I was promised an admirable work of nature: the wonderful Lake Garda.(Goethe)

Phrases about Lake Como

Not to be trivial, but one cannot fail to mention the phrase about Lake Como that no one ever forgets. The quote by definition, to be made, if you pass near Lake Como. Come on Promessi Sposi by Alessandro Manzoni.

That branch of Lake Como, which turns at noon, between two uninterrupted chains of mountains, all in the breasts and gulfs, depending on their protrusion and return, almost suddenly shrinks, and takes the course and shape of the river, between a promontory on the right, and a broad coastline on the other side; and the bridge, which joins the two banks there, seems to make this transformation even more sensitive to the eye, and marks the point where the lake ceases, and the Adda begins again, to then resume lake where the shores, moving away again, let the water relax and slow down in new gulfs and new breasts.

Phrases about frozen lakes

Phrases about frozen lakes are rare, but many are those about ice in themselves. Yes, it's Kafka and Herzog talking about it, and then the very good Haruki Murakami.

A book must be an ax for the frozen sea that is within us. (Franz Kafka)
Civilization is like a thin layer of ice on a deep ocean of chaos and darkness. (Werner Herzog)
Ice has no future. All he has is the past enclosed within him. Ice can preserve things this way - extremely clean, distinct and vivid as if they were still alive. This is
the essence of ice. (Haruki Murakami)

Phrases about poetic lakes

An inspiring proverb and phrase and a particularly wise one like phrases about poetic lakes.

The calm waters of a lake reflect the beauty that surrounds it; when the mind is serene, the beauty of the self is reflected in it. (Bsk Iyengar)
The great water of the distant lake does not put out the small fire nearby. (Proverb)
Only after the last tree has been felled, only after the last lake is polluted, only after the last fish has been caught, will you realize that money cannot be eaten. (Sitting Bull, chief of the Sioux tribe)

Phrases about mountain lakes

Maybe the truth depends on a walk around the lake. (Wallace Stevens)
The lake and the mountains have become my landscape, my real world. (Georges Simenon)
Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, mountains and sea, are excellent teachers, and they teach some of us more than we can learn from books. (John Lubbock)

Phrases about lakes: books

In his book "the lake" Banana Yoshimoto he often mentions and describes the lake but also in many of his other writings. All highly recommended.

The lake was immersed in silence, as if it had swallowed all the sounds. The surface looked like a mirror, it rippled with every gust of wind. One could only hear, now high, now low, the song of the birds.
(Banana Yoshimoto)
Our walks by the lake, hand in hand, are still there, as are the laughter on the beach with Mino and Chii and the times we stopped to look at the seagulls. It's neither good nor bad, those scenes are just inside.
(Banana Yoshimoto)

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