Do-it-yourself natural pesticide

Do-it-yourself natural pesticide

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Do-it-yourself natural pesticide: all the tips on how to prepare and use a good natural pesticide for plant care.

Having listed a large number ofhomemade pesticides, we remain on this topic to introduce you to other natural products that perform an anti-parasitic action. Bicarbonate, nettle macerate, neem oil and others natural remedies perfect for eliminate parasites from plants.

Natural pesticide, bicarbonate

The bicarbonateit's greatnatural pesticide, perfect for eliminating a large number of plant parasites. With baking soda we talk about anatural pesticidebroad spectrum, also saidgeneric. Since it is a completely natural and harmless product, we recommend the use of bicarbonate not for treatments but for prevention treatments.

To eliminate parasites from plants in a natural way, mix a teaspoon (about 5 grams) of baking soda with 3 tablespoons of olive oil (about 70 ml). Pour the freshly prepared mixture into a cup full of water. Pour the aqueous solution into a sprayer.

Spray yoursnatural pesticideon the plant to be treated trying to avoid direct jet on fruits or flowers. Repeat this operation every 20 days in order to obtain long-term preventive action.

Natural pesticide, cigarettes and tobacco macerate

Take the amount of tobacco contained in 3/4 cigarettes and let it soak 500 milliliters of water for about 48 hours. After waiting, filter the aqueous solution and pour the well-sieved liquid into a spray bottle. Spray the liquid on the plants to be treated. It is a rather bland natural insecticide but effective as a repellent in the preventive treatment to ward off a good number of parasites.

Specific natural pesticide

In addition to the natural pesticides generic just listed, we refer you to a series of guide articles that will explain how to make a natural pesticide specific for some attacks:

  • How to get rid of cochineal
  • Natural remedies against aphids
  • How to get rid of snails
  • Green bedbugs, how to keep them away

Natural pesticideagainst fungal diseases

Thesodium bicarbonateit is a valid alternative to sulfur for the control of fungal diseases. It is used by dissolving a spoonful of baking soda for every liter of water to be sprayed on the soil surrounding the crop.

Natural pesticideagainst plant lice, worms and insects

Neem oil is an extract of the Azadirachta indica nut. It is commonly used in organic farming and is useful in the control of all parasites that feed on the sap or leaves.

Neem oil resulted in a natural pesticide valid for the control of a large number of parasites and to prevent and fight various diseases, among these we mention: black mold (downy mildew), powdery mildew, rust, botrytis… Effective against insects such as grasshoppers, aphids, whiteflies, mites and others.

Natural pesticide, pyrethrum

There are a large number of synthetic broad-spectrum insecticides available on the market. The only drawback is that these insecticides are harmful to human health and the environment. To take care of the vegetable garden, especially when you want to eliminate parasites or insects that are generally not so harmful, it is best to use natural remedies.

Among the ready-to-use natural remedies we point out pyrethrum, which is also useful in case of extensive infestations.

The pyrethrum, before being a natural insecticide, it's a plant! Its active ingredient, pyrethrin, is very effective in counteracting most of the vegetable and garden pests,plant liceincluded. This natural remedy is effective against:

1. scissors
2. crop bugs and green bed bugs
3. beetles
4. myrides as the vector of the potato mosaic virus
5. leafhoppers
6. white fly
7. aphids and other plant lice
8. altica
9. common fly and mosquitoes
10. many other plant parasitic insects

There are several pyrethrum-based insecticides on the market, they can be purchased in the form of powder, spray or concentrated liquid solution, to be diluted with water before use.

L'natural insecticide pyrethrum-based can be purchased at specialized garden centers or can be purchased online: a package of Solabiol Piretro Actigreen Bio is offered on Amazon at a price of € 19.90 with free shipping. For all the info, I refer you to the official Amazon product page: Actigreen Bio Liquid solution.

Unfortunately, many people are convinced that pyrethrum is not effective. In reality they are only wrong to use it !!

Pyrethrin is a photosensitive substance (it deactivates in direct sunlight), therefore, especially in liquid form, pyrethrum-based insecticides should be used in the late afternoon, when the sun no longer beats. In shady areas, it can be used at any time of the day. Only in this way can this pesticide manifest its effects and eliminate your parasites in a natural way.

Macerated nettle

Preparation is simple. Fresh or dried nettles are left to macerate in 10 liters of water. You need 500 grams of dried nettle or 1 kg of fresh nettle. Remove the roots of the nettles and place them in boiling water.

Let the nettles soak for 4 days, filter and use the residual liquid for the treatment against aphids or to fertigate the plants. The liquid must be sprayed over the entire plant.

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