Essential oils for internal use

Essential oils for internal use

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Essential oils for internal use: properties, contraindications and when it is appropriate to ingest an essential oil.

There are a number of essential oils which are considered safe to ingest and stand as a valid natural remedyto improve certain health conditions.

Of fundamental importance is to remember that the essential oils used orallymust be of "food grade", Not commonly used for aromatherapy (massages, diffusion, fumigations, cosmetics ...).

Essential oil for internal use

Beforeingestanyessential oilit is good to understand that these are substances rich in active ingredients, that is, biologically active molecules in our body. These molecules, in fact, can influence - for good and for bad - the biochemical processes that take place in our body.

For what has been said, theessential oilsthey should be treated like real drugs. When you buy a drug, you do it under a doctor's prescription or at least read the package leaflet carefully.

The problem is that much of theactive moleculescontained inessential oilsit has not been studied enough or is even completely unknown.

This means that you riskto hirea substance with little known effects. Some of you may be wondering "well… but even the effects of drugs are never fully known, our body can give subjective responses and above all drugs also have side effects ".Yes, I can only raise my hand at this reflection, because it is a perfect parallelism.

The only concern, if you are following a drug treatment, do not take essential oils at the same time. If you want to take essential oils to relieve headaches or to treat minor ailments, talk to your doctor and above all take a small dose.

Essential oils should be taken in doses in the order of 2 - 3 drops. Start with a single drop so that you understand your body's tolerance and reactions. Theessential oils, even if I am - even if they arenatural, should not be taken superficially.

Warning: essential oils to ingest!
The essential oils they should never be taken pure but always diluted in water, olive oil or juice otherwise they could cause severe irritation to the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

Mint essential oil for internal use

Let's start with the most popular essential oil. That of peppermint. To know its properties and benefits, I invite you to visit the dedicated page:peppermint essential oil for internal use.

Lemon essential oil for internal use

L'lemon essential oilfood grade is also widely used as a simple vitamin supplement.

Thanks to hisproperty, this essential oil is used for the prevention and treatment of colds and ailments and to improve one's immune defenses.

Food-grade lemon essential oil works by stimulating the "White blood cells"of our blood, white blood cells represent the cornerstone of our immune system.

According to experts, it improves blood circulation and helps detoxify the liver and intestines. Generally, herbalists recommend adding 2 drops of this essential oil to be taken with a cup of water or even a lemonade!

Where to buy it?
In the most well-stocked herbalists - make sure it is a pure oil and not a supplement based on lemon essential oil - or taking advantage of the online purchase.

On Amazon, a 30 ml bottle of lemon essential oil for therapeutic use (to be swallowed) can be bought for 15.80 euros. For all information, please refer to the page: edible lemon essential oil.

Grapefruit essential oil

Thisessential oilit appears to be useful in preventing urinary tract infections. It increases appetite and improves the activity of our lymphatic system so as to drain away toxins that could otherwise be retained by our body.

Where to buy it? Also in this case you can buy using the online purchase or by going to a well-stocked herbalist's shop.

Mugwort essential oil for internal use

Artemisia vulgaris is a plant heavily used in herbal medicine and homeopathy. Its beneficial effects make it a valid help to counteract various ailments. In traditional Chinese medicine, this plant is even used to counter epileptic seizures.

Among its benefits, it can be used to relieve diarrhea (even chronic diarrhea), abdominal swelling, flatulence, colic, prevents the appearance of intestinal infections. It has stimulating properties that also manifest themselves in the digestive system: it stimulates digestion.

Where to buy it?
Given the popularity of mugwort in the field of natural cures, it is a more expensive essential oil. It can be found in the best-supplied herbal shops or by taking advantage of the online purchase where a 12 ml bottle can be bought with 20.50 euros. For every information: food Artemisia essential oil.

Essential oils in pregnancy

Many essential oils should be completely avoided during pregnancy. For all information: essential oils in pregnancy.

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