Roe deer puppy, what to do

Roe deer puppy, what to do

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"I have found a roe deer cub and I do not know what to do".
Here is all the useful information and what the law says on the behavior to be adopted for those who come across a small wounded or perfectly fit roe deer. Advice and who to contact.

In summer, during walks in the woods, it is easy to run into little onesroe deer. I know, the first thing you would like to do and caress them, the temptation is strong but… you have to resist!

Avoid stroking the roe deer so as not to alter its smell. If you walk in a forest with your dog, keep him on a leash.

The contact with your hand will leave a smell on the little animal's coat that the mother will not be able to recognize. Mom, if sniffing herlittle roe deerperceives an alarming smell (like that of man) will decide to abandon it. Ditto for your dog, poor dog care in the woods causes a great deal of damage so better keep him on a leash.

Roe deer cub

Females ofroe deer, between the end of May and within the month of June, they give birth to up to three young. THEroe deer cubs, in the first weeks of their life they spend 90% of their time hiding among the foliage, crouching in the tall grasses or in the bushes.

In the first weeks of life, theroe deer cubhe has not yet developed a sense of danger or an instinct to escape. They remain motionless and thus allow the approach of man who often, unfortunately, unknowingly damages him.

The mother, in the early stages of development of the puppies, constantly cleans them depriving them of any foreign smell. Unfortunately, when man comes into contact with theroe deer cub, even just stroking it can damage it. The smell of man will ensure that the roe deer mother will no longer welcome the puppy.

Man is not the only threat to the roe deer. Natural predators are wolves, foxes, wild boars and dogs.

The mother moves away from the little ones so as not to attract the attention of natural predators and returns to make short visits to the puppies only for breastfeeding.

In recent years there has been a notable increase in the number ofroe deer. The areas of Italy in which iroe deerare more numerous fall in the central-eastern Alps and in the central-northern Apennines. In the central-western Alps, the density of roe deer is lower and the populations of roe deer in Southern Italy are much more scarce and fragmented.

I found an injured baby roe deer

If you have reached this page by typing "I found a roe deer cub, now you know you should have left it in the woods without even touching it.

Only if theroe deer cub he is wounded or visibly ill, it may becollected. In the beam, you can contact theWild Animal Recovery Center(CRAS) who will be able to tell you how to handle the situation.

Find a wounded roe deer cubit is not so difficult, even at the edge of the woods, near the countryside. Theroe deer cubhe could take refuge in cultivated fields and injure himself with electric fences.

If you have found aroe deer cuband you picked it up because you thought it was in danger, you should immediately take it to the Recovery Center.

Before removing the injured roe deer from its shelter, cover its head with a cloth to limit stress and avoid traumatic situations for the baby.

You don't even have to ask yourselfwhat a roe deer puppy eats. Always remember that it is a wild animal and its diet is based on mother's milk. Feeding and drinking does not have to be a priority because what you need to do is transfer him to the Wild Animal Rescue Center.

In addition, humans do a lot of damage by looking for a type of "right diet" or even trying to give cow's milk to the roe deer cub. The baby roe deer cannot digest cow's milk which can cause severe gastrointestinal upset.

Raising a roe deer cub

I know I'm giving you only bad news… you just want to cuddle that little puppy and keep it. You would just like to raise that tender and defenseless roe deer. Don't even consider the idea of ​​keeping it because it isprohibited by lawin addition, if you improvise breeders you could do them more harm than good.

Please note
On this page you will have learnedwhere to find roe deerand when to find puppies. Be careful to use this information well, perhaps planning excursions with photographic lenses but never approaching the puppies!

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