Bonsai ficus ginseng: care and pruning

Bonsai ficus ginseng: care and pruning

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Bonsai ficus ginseng, is the name of a bonsai, and ginseng is more of a sort of nickname, because we usually speak of Ficus Bonsai Retusa. Having said that, let's get to know one of the most loved bonsai, for its shape but also for the ease with which it can also be inserted as a "piece of furniture".

Bonsai ficus ginseng

The Ficus retusa, real name of the bonsai ficus ginseng, is also said Ficus microcarpa, and it is a plant with a wide and widened stem and large and gnarled roots. It is also called ginseng because the shape of these roots resembles those of ginseng but let's not confuse them because they do not have the same properties at all.

The bonsai ficus ginseng always seems millennial even if young, due to the appearance of its twisted and lived-in stem. And then an evergreen looking tree always alive throughout the year.

Bonsai ficus ginseng: care

For the bonsai ficus ginseng our apartments are an excellent habitat. The average temperature, around 18-20 ° C, throughout the year, is what they are used to and where they were born as a species. The problem could be that of humidity, which in our homes is never what these bonsai would like. But it is not an unsolvable question.

We have to though find a remedy for the lack of moisture which is what the bonsai ficus ginseng suffers from and shows it by showing off increasingly dull foliage and losing leaves. We can first of all water it better, but the essential thing to foresee is the frequent vaporization of the foliage.

Let's do it as often as possible, especially when the temperatures rise, or when the heating is on.

Bonsai ficus ginseng: pruning

We avoid drastic pruning, that the bonsai ficus ginseng like its peers do not like them at all, and we try to intervene in a delicate way only on small branches.

If we buy a specimen of bonsai ficus ginseng well “prepared”, well laid out, then we won't have a great job to do. For this reason, ficus ginseng is often recommended even for beginners in the bonsai field.

Bonsai ficus ginseng: price

It is difficult to define a price for bonsai ficus ginseng, it depends a lot on how it is laid, its size, its age. We can also find specimens for a few tens of euros, we are careful that they are healthy. It is then up to us not to "throw away" the investment in green, done, keeping it at its best, not dry and in a bright area but not with too direct sun. If it costs too much, you can find a specimen of Ficus Benjamina less pretentious but just as beautiful.

Bonsai: meaning and symbolism

To learn more about the meanings of the art of bonsai in general and of the individual species that we can choose, including Ficus ginseng, a good read. "Living the bonsai. An ancient art for the modern West”By Antonio Ricchiari.

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