Pinocchio syndrome: symptoms and treatment

Pinocchio syndrome: symptoms and treatment

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Pinocchio, a fascinating and eternal character. It fits perfectly because it speaks to all generations and to all types of people. To those who tell lies, to fathers, to fairy mothers, to those who love cats or to those who feel more fox. Or to those who fear Eat fire or dream of the Land of Toys. Pinocchio has charm, no doubt about it, so much so that to define a certain type of attitudes, we speak of Pinocchio syndrome. Let's see what it is, if you haven't already guessed. For those who love fairy tales, there is one not to be missed, that of Ugly duckling, also very educational

Pinocchio syndrome and pathological lie

There Pinocchio syndrome as many have already guessed, note the fairy tale, is that of pathological liar. Who is so called is because he knows he is lying, but manages to avoid doing it. It happens to him constantly not to tell the truth, in fact, he ends up believing his stories himself.

Being a liar and being a pathological liar they are not exactly the same, there are non-pathological liars who do it by mere opportunistic choice. They are therefore not "pathological" but just liars!

They may lie to get a benefit or to cover their backs, but they know they are doing it and they don't have Pinocchio Syndrome. Who suffers from it he has no strategy when he lies. Lies are spontaneous and unplanned, it slips into a dynamic of deception first of all making fun of himself and failing to get out of it easily.

Pinocchio syndrome: symptoms

Who has the Pinocchio syndrome he will never tell utterly unlikely lies, he will tell stories that contain partial truths. We could say "freely drawn" from the reality of things. In a "creative" version and of course so that the pathological liar comes out best.

The lies are not episodic in the Pinocchio syndrome, but regular and continuous, so much so that an almost parallel world is created in the minds of those who suffer from it, where lies and truth intertwine in a romantic way. Obviously, if asked, the liar will never admit that he is and perhaps he is not always even fully aware of it.

Another very common syndrome today is those of Burnout but it has totally different symptoms. Impossible to get confused!

Pinocchio syndrome: therapy

Psychotherapy is the only way to try to cure the Pinocchio syndrome. There are no drugs or physical exercises that can counteract the unwitting propensity to tell lies. To date there is not much official documentation on this syndrome but it is certainly more and more interesting why lies and liars never go out of style.

Pinocchio syndrome: natural remedies

Natural remedies, besides psychotherapy, there are none. It may not even involve the use of drugs, so it may be natural. To deal with Pinocchio Syndrome, it is necessary to dig inside and understand what leads us to lie.

It is not to be underestimated, the problem of pathological liars, because they are often considered unsavory and undeserving people. It is therefore a question that it affects both work and social and emotional interests.

Pinocchio syndrome: book

To better understand why this syndrome is called Pinocchio's, better re-read this beautiful story, evergreen. Also online we find various versions including that of Roberto Piumini together with Carlo Collodi.

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