Sensation of cold in the body

Sensation of cold in the body

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Feeling coldwhether it is summer or winter, when it comes from a malaise, it should not be overlooked. If it does not have external reasons, it may be a symptom of some disease or disorder, more or less serious, and it is better to investigate. It can be a generalized sensation of cold, or localized to the head, back or legs. Let's see what it can mean, of course without replacing the doctor who is the only one able to make a diagnosis.

Sensation of cold in the body

When you have a feeling cold not justified by outside temperatures is often a symptom of flu. When you have a fever you get chills even if it's 39 degrees outside.

A generalized feeling of cold it may also be due to some drugs, such as beta-blockers used in heart rhythm alterations and arterial hypertension: those who take them may become more sensitive to cold.

Also those with thyroid problems, in particular, those suffering from hypothyroidism, characterized by reduced thyroid activity with normal or low hormone levels, may experience a sensation of cold throughout the body often accompanied by other symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, bradycardia and hoarseness.

From "hypo" to "hypo", there is also one of the causes of the sensation of cold'Hypopituitarism, which is related to the malfunction of the pituitary gland, and the dysfunctions of the hypothalamus, involved in regulating body temperature.

If you are in a period of particular psychophysical fatigue, or while breastfeeding, it can be quite normal to have strange sensations, of cold, often then pass by themselves as soon as you get back in strength and the period of stress passes.

Cold sensation in the back

THE chills in the back, if they are not caused by a strong emotion but persist, they can be linked to a flu condition, even if not serious, but which must be treated so that the fever does not rise too high. If the flu is ruled out as a cause, it is better to consult a specialist doctor.

We have already talked aboutanemia, usually in this case it is the reduction in the number of red blood cells that makes us shiver and increases our sensitivity to cold. Those who are underweight are more sensitive to low temperatures by definition than women during the period they may have more chills than usual, regardless of whether or not they are chilly.

Feeling cold in the legs

When the sensation of cold is concentrated on the lower limbs it can be an allergic reaction or even a symptom of stress. A panic attack among the various symptoms it can also have this.

Cold sensation in the head

There feeling in the head, cold, recalls the idea of ​​a cold headache. When we have cold in the head it can be because it is really cold, in fact, and we get a headache, to whom more and to whom less. In this case, in addition to the cold, there is a strong bilateral pain that envelops the whole head and increases if you do not cover yourself.

Another situation in which you feel cold in the head, and also pain, is when you eat cold foods. The classic example is that of ice cream or popsicle. If you eat it too quickly you can feel cold and really strong pangs in the head.

High blood pressure and feeling cold

IS' low blood pressure which leads to feeling cold, not high blood pressure. When it is low, in fact, you feel tired and shiver even if it is hot outside.

Feeling cold in the stomach

The feeling of cold in the stomach it's quite rare compared to the others we've talked about. It can be a symptom of diseases that are not intuitively linked to this symptom for which, excluding the most trivial causes, that is, having ingested a frozen product, it is better to consult a doctor.

Cold sensation in the teeth

Cold to the teeth for those with i sensitive teeth, it's a really annoying feeling but there are natural remedies to try to limit the suffering.

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