How to dry roses: tips

How to dry roses: tips

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How to dry roses and create compositions of dried flowers or other small artifacts making their beauty eternal? It is not as easy as it may seem, but neither is it impossible, if you are committed to it. Learning is possible and it's fun too. When we receive roses, or see them blooming in our garden, it is natural to think with a little sadness about their short life.

The idea of ​​knowing how to dry roses it can console us in some way. Of course, dried roses are not as beautiful and fragrant as fresh ones, but with a little practice you can get interesting results. Before starting it is good to learn the basics of the art of how to dry roses, rules to be followed faithfully

How to dry fresh roses

There are many ways to understand howdrying roses, some simpler than others, it is necessary to understand from time to time which is the best also by evaluating the costs involved. One of the most widespread and traditional techniques that he explains to us how to dry roses, consists in hanging them with the corollas facing downwards and to keep them in a dark, dry and cool place for at least a week, always in this position.

As the hours go by, roses lose both color and scent, they become darker usually, but with less brilliant colors. On the contrary, if instead of drying the roses in the dark, we expose them to sunlight, even direct, the colors fade and we will find dry red roses, with pink petals.

How to dry a bouquet of roses

When you have a whole bunch of roses to dry it is necessary divide it into small bouquets to prevent the flowers and stems from rotting in areas that cannot lose moisture in a short time. With the deck still fresh we deprive the stems of the thorns and the leaves and we make sure that the corollas of the different roses are not in contact, since they are the richest part of water.

Being careful that the petals do not start to rot while we dry them, let the bunches of roses rest in the dark at least for a week. Don't be surprised if we find the length of the stems also reduced.

How to dry rose petals

Sometimes you need to dry only the petals of the roses, individually, maybe for later use them in ornamental DIY works, for a put pourri or for the production of perfumed waters. In this case, you can also use substances that accelerate the dehydration process, nothing diabolical, just sand. Arranging the petals in a box with a layer of sand underneath of 2 cm and then always covering them with sand so that they do not appear on the surface, let them pass three weeks and then we observe the result.

First it is necessary clean up the roses carefully so that no sand remains between the petals, ruining them, we can also help ourselves with a brush gently, or with a non-violent blow of air. Sure this way of drying roses or their petals it is more cumbersome but allows them to keep their original color.

How to dry roses with lacquer

Roses cannot be dried alone use of lacquer but sure use this substance to finish their preparation once they have lost hydration, is a recommended step.
It is used to "seal" and protect dried roses, lacquer is fine, sprayed in a not too violent way so that the jet does not make the petals spread too much, deforming the flower.

How to dry roses in the oven

Also the oven can be used to dry roses, is one of the most convenient and fastest methods but it can ruin the flowers. If we're in a hurry, however, nothing prevents us from trying. Let's put the fresh roses in a book for a few seconds, then in the oven at 50 ° for about an hour, at the end we pass the hair spray and we're done. Self we put the rose in the oven without first crushing it in a book, we must turn it every 15-20 minutes to prevent it from being crushed on one side and not on the other.

Dried rose petals: where to buy them

We can get them online with a click and 7.15 euros of dried rose petals, in a pack of 50 grams.

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