Dried lavender flowers

Dried lavender flowers

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Dried lavender flowers, beautiful because they lead us with our thoughts, to perfume and to feeling of freedom linked to the image of the endless fields of Provence, but not only. Dried lavender flowers also have numerous benefits when placed in the laundry drawer or used to make lotions and so on. Let's go and discover them, certainly without giving up a trip to Provence, indeed! The qualities of these flowers have been known since ancient times, most of the peoples of the Mediterranean from ancient times used them to heal themselves and to perfume themselves.

Dried lavender flowers: how to prepare them

It is necessary to wait until mid-September, observing when the plant loses its vigor typical of summer and flowering, to intervene pruning it and cutting the flowers and entire branches. This is because the plant does not have to lignify.

If we can seize the moment, then the lavender plant will be able to sprout new leaves by reforming an even more beautiful bush, and we will have material to produce dried lavender flowers.

Prune the plant when the sun goes down, only if dry, taking care to keep the stems of the ears 18-20 cm long, we tie a dozen flowers at a time with an elastic band, creating several bouquets. There must be space between one ear and the other, we do not tighten too much because mold areas could be created which would make the flowers unusable. Then you need to hang the bunches upside down in the dark, in a well-ventilated place. Waited a few weeks, we will get ready our dried lavender flowers.

Dried lavender flowers: what they are for

Since the time of the Greeks, they were used to treat insomnia, back pain and to calm people and animals. So it is said, it was enough to hang small and fragrant bouquets from the ceiling to benefit from the effect of this aromatherapy which has been known and practiced for millennia. It is not by chance that the cultivation of lavender began in Greece, from the Hyères islands, and then spread to Italy, France, Spain and then to England and North America.

Dried lavender flowers: properties

Besides the Greeks, the Egyptians and Phoenicians also used dried lavender flowers, in their case to blindfold and perfume one's dead, the Romans, as well as the Arabs, preferred to immerse them in the water of public baths to perfume it and benefit from a relaxing effect. Today lavender, its spikes and its flowers, still have the reputation of amulets against the forces of evil, able to recall prosperity and fruitfulness.

There are hundreds of varieties of lavender around the world, some even reach heights of over one meter. We are used to seeing it lilac but in truth there are species with shades from purple to pink and purple, or blue and light blue, white and gray.

Dried lavender flowers and lavender water

We have seen how the Romans used dried lavender flowers to perfume the water of their public baths and then immerse yourself and relax. We can do the same and in the same way over time we have also learned to create soaps and hygiene and beauty products which have lavender as an ingredient. They can also be made by hand, by obtaining dried lavender flowers.

Dried lavender flowers: online sales and where to buy them

They can be found in some herbalists or garden centers which also have "dry" products. Or online. There are many different ways you can use these dried lavender flowers, for example if they still have the stem they can act as a stick for the skewers, or the flowers without stem as an ingredient for pot pourri. Bags with dried lavender flowers inside are a classic for perfume the linen.

Dried lavender flowers: price

As mentioned, you can buy them online with affordable prices and without going crazy with a thousand attempts. A kilo of fragrant and dried French lavender flowers costs 30 euros on Amazon.

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