Corns and calluses: natural remedies

Corns and calluses: natural remedies

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Corns and calluses, what is the difference between these two annoyances and, above all, how can they be eliminated? They may not be serious but certainly unpleasant, not very beautiful to look at and also painful. With sandals, in summer, even more. They can appear, corns and calluses, on the soles or toes, and the good news is that they can be treated with natural remedies and classic grandmother's remedies, often also effective.

Corns and calluses: why they form

If you want even prevent, it is good to understand why and when corns and calluses form. In most cases, the cause is linked to the choice of the footwear we wear, tight or uncomfortable. For style, for fashion, or to save money, it can happen that you find yourself with shoes that make us tick corns and calluses after a while that we use them. So let's start to be more careful in choosing what we wear on our feet.

Corns and calluses: difference

We are talking about corns and calluses, because they are similar and have similar remedies to apply, but they are different. Usually a callus develops on the top and sides of the fingers, they are more frequently present on the feet than on calluses and in areas of firm and hard skin, where there are then the bones, underneath. They also exist hard corns, have a whitish color, they seem almost made of rubber, these prefer areas of more "tender" skin such as those between the fingers, and bumps can be felt to the touch.

Let's move on to calluses: we can recognize them from a high because they are larger than corns and then because they have no defined margins. THE corns coincide with areas where the skin rubs against something, shoes or earth, poking out over the bony area between the sole of the foot and the toes.

Corns and calluses: how to get rid of them

To eliminate corns and calluses we can use effective natural remedies without too much effort. Wraps or foot baths, for example, soften corns and calluses, then we can then proceed by passing over them delicately but decisively, the pumice stone.

There are also devices that remove corns and even calluses by scrubbing the skin of the feet. Some models can also be found online, on Amazon, such as Limerence Callus Electronic Wet & Dry Remover, a callus extractor that massages the feet, comfortable and wireless, from around 50 euros.

Corns and calluses: natural remedies

We mentioned wraps and pumice stone but there are many others natural remedies to eliminate these problems. You can prepare a mixture of bread and vinegar to then make compresses to be applied on corns and calluses and left to act by wrapping the area with gauze. Also essential oils of lavender and geranium they can be very useful, after a hot bath or a foot bath, we can also add bicarbonate which eliminates dead cells and facilitates healing.

The foot bath can also be done with chamomile while there are those who use vinegar by rubbing it on the soles of the feet and between the toes: it works all night and then in the morning it is necessary to use the pumice stone.

If the presence of corns and calluses is linked to pain or swelling, it is best to apply an ice cube wrapped in a handkerchief, even salt can be a natural remedy, to soften calluses and calluses.

Corns and calluses: cream and gel

There are products, cream or gel format, which are recommended for the treatment of corns and also calluses, we can also prepare them at home, they are very useful DIY gels. For example mixing olive oil and lemon. You get a creamy compound to be applied where needed with a small band or a plaster to soften hardened skin. If we add baking soda, we are able to “exfoliate” the skin.

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